Mezzo-soprano Denise Felsecker loves the diversity of her profession and feels at home in both the classical and popular genres. Experimenting with different forms of expression shapes her art and her artistic career.

Denise Felsecker is a versatile artist. Singing, acting, painting, and dancing enrich her artistic work and give her an authentic profile on stage. This holds for her opera performances and cross-genre projects in which she seeks direct contact with the audience. She currently lives in Berlin.

Playing in a rock band, painting, and a strong commitment to environmental and youth work shaped Denise Felsecker’s upbringing in the rural Hunsrück, Germany. After a social year, she decided to study music education and theatre science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. During her studies, she performed worldwide with the theatre collective Koonsfamilie and sang in the a capella pop formation Süßstoff.

At the same time, she discovered her passion for classical singing and began studying singing with Dietrich Schneider in Munich. Masterclasses and workshops with Renate Behle, Felicia Weathers, Nicola Beller Carbone, and others enriched her training. Currently, her vocal coach is Sabine Lahm.

Denise Felsecker

As a mezzo-soprano, Denise Felsecker can be heard in various ensembles and projects. Her repertoire includes roles such as Carmen, Cherubino, Donna Elvira, Dritte Dame, Hänsel, and Maddalena. During her engagement at the Cologne Chamber Opera, she also performed many opera for children. Since 2018 Denise Felsecker is a member of the ensemble of the Freie Landestheater Bayern with the role of Carmen in the opera by Bizet.

From 2014 to 2018, Denise Felsecker lived in Florence, learned Italian, and sang in the ensemble of the Opera at St. Mark’s. During this time, she also studied the Linklater method with Margarethe Assmuth and Kristin Linklater.

In addition to her classical music engagements, Denise Felsecker enthusiastically develops cross-disciplinary projects that create a special closeness to the audience.

Currently, these are her Müllerin programs, a creative combination of music, poetry, and nature. The programs are performed together with an actor and a pianist in an idyllic old mill in Upper Franconia, Germany.

Denise Felsecker speaks German, English, French, and Italian.

Denise Felsecker