Denise Felsecker
Denise Felsecker

Embrace my sound,
  enlarge the world.


Mezzo-soprano Denise Felsecker loves the diversity of her profession and feels at home in both the classical and popular genres. Experimenting with different forms of expression shapes her art and her artistic career.

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Denise Felsecker


In addition to engagements in classical opera and concert, Denise Felsecker develops her own art-uniting projects. Acting, poetry, and painting are as much part of her work as different singing styles from classical music to jazz and pop. She is passionate about creating programs and being close to the audience.

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Denise Felsecker



Carmen cancelled!

Unfortunately, all Carmen performances of the Freie Landestheater Bayerns were cancelled for the 2020/21 season due to the Corona pandemic. I am sad!


Mill choir in the Fuchsenmühle

Great start with the mill choir!

On Friday, 21.08.2020 we had our first choir meeting in the Fuchsenmühle in Horsdorf. We meet once a month on a Friday 18-20 hrs/ Saturday 10-12 hrs.

dates: 18./19.9., 16./17.10., 13./14.11., 18./19.12., 22./23.01., 19./20.2., 19./20.03., 16./17.04., 14./15.5., 11./12.06., 24./25./26.06.

The final presentation will take place on 26 June 2021.

Further interested parties can register at:
You can also find information on our homepage

And as a small suggestion you can find some video clips on the youtube channel: Klangmühle

We are looking forward to you and the project.

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Denise Felsecker